Motorcycle Transportation

Servicing the Main Route – We operate the main route between Cape Town and Pretoria and obviously including Johannesburg and vice versa.

Trade Sales – Dealerships: We target dealerships and and offer dealership discounts.

Private Sales: Super deals on wheels! Found the bike you want, but its not nearby, we can transport for you.  Often people find their perfect bike on Gumtree or Autotrader, but its almost never close by.  We can help you!

Holidays & Bike Trips: Want to take your bike with you on holiday? Someone needs to drive the car correct? Let us transport the bike for you.

Rallies & Races: Time to gear up and put on your brain buckets as there’s always a date with destiny. We transport your bike to and from rallies and races.

List of wheels we transport: We courier all kinds of models & makes types & sizes!

  • Bicycles
  • Scooters
  • On Road
  • Off Road
  • ATV & Quad Riders
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